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Hi, my name is James and I'm a 19 year old from Australia
Blog contains mostly video games, anime, comics, and League of Legends with some other random stuff thrown into the mix :)

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Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and  -


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the most accurate picture of the retail industry 

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assuming shes average height. her boobs appear to be about 1/3 her torso and average torso of a female being 22.6” her boobs are about 7.5” long. a foot is 12 inches. theyre moving at 5,600ft aka 67200 inches a second. her boobs are flopping 8960 times a second.

8960 flops per second would result in the shockwaves from her breasts emitting an 8960 Hz tone, which is actually a very shrill noise within the range of human hearing. You can enter 8960 into this website to hear an audio sample of what her breast-tone would approximately sound like

Did all of you major in boob math

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If You’re good enough friends with your pokemon sometimes they will just refuse to die for you im gunna fu cking cRY.,

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The only realistic representation of how women wake up

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